The Business Partner Program from Cubeware

Partnerships lay the foundation for every successful company. With Cubeware, you can work with us in many different ways – in the reseller business as a Network, Certified or Premium Partner or as an OEM, Implementation or BISTRO Partner.

At Cubeware, our goal is to make each partnership a strategic one. We believe that a clear, focused, attractive cooperation fosters lasting, mutual success.  
We strive to build long-term relationships with each of our partners. Accordingly, we have set our standard to be reliable, solution-driven, fair and professional in all that we do.

Partnership Cubeware and FWI

"Our cooperation with Cubeware is ideal. We have a good partnership among equals and first-class BI technology for our projects and solutions."

(Alfred Grünert, Director Business Intelligence, FWI Information Technology)

Do you want to ...

  • Extend your portfolio with powerful Business Intelligence software?
  • Implement sophisticated solutions for analysis, planning and reporting and are looking for a strong product partner?
  • Enter a B2B software market that is attractive for companies of all sizes and industries?

Then Cubeware is the right partner for you. Come talk with us ! Our Business Partner Program offers many different cooperation models with attractive benefits.

Through our individual, targeted partner onboarding, you can get started and see results quickly.  The program is categorized into four different partner categories:

  • Value Added Reseller

    This partnership model is designed for consultancies, IT vendors and system integrators. Companies that also simply wish to resell Cubeware technology with no additional consulting or implementation services are welcome as well. We classify Value Added Resellers into three levels:

    • Network Partner
      You are relatively new to the BI field and would like to resell Cubeware technology. As a Network Partner, we will encourage you to build your skills and obtain BI certifications so that you can generate additional revenues through consulting and implementation services. This, however, is no requirement.
    • Certified Partner
      You have profound knowledge in both BI and sales and implement Cubeware projects. You also offer your customers a complete service portfolio ranging from consulting and concept design to individual training and intensive support following the project completion.
    • Premium Partner
      You have profound knowledge in both BI and sales. Your team consists of many Cubeware certified specialists who can competently support all phases of BI projects. You sell and implement Cubeware BI products either directly or under your own name with the tagline “powered by Cubeware” in customer environments. As a Premium Partner, you play a strategic role for Cubeware and are compensated appropriately.
  • OEM Partner

    You use Cubeware to enhance your existing product portfolio with highly innovative, marketable BI components that significantly increase your competitive advantage in the fields of analysis, planning, reporting and dashboards. Our BI software packages for OEM partners are usually designed for a specific environment and combined with specific relational and multidimensional databases. Do you want to use Cubeware BI products beyond these requirements? Instead of selling them as OEM products, you will receive a standard software package based on the same licensing conditions awarded to certified partners.

  • Implementation Partner

    You have vast knowledge in BI, have several Cubeware certified specialists in your team, and offer implementation services for our BI projects. As a sub-contractor, you support Cubeware or our partners with various projects. Cubeware Certified or Premium Partners who wish to provide supplementary implementation services as a subcontractor must sign an additional agreement regarding implementation services with Cubeware.

  • BISTRO Partner

    You have vast knowledge in BI, have several Cubeware certified specialists in your team, and deliver BI applications for Cubeware BISTRO Application Store. Once your applications have passed the quality management process, you may sell them to customers through BISTRO. If you are currently a Certified or Premium Partner, you may also work with us as a BISTRO partner once you sign an additional agreement regarding the provision of applications for the BISTRO platform with Cubeware.

More information about our Partner program?